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David Cordish, the developer of the upcoming largest casino in Maryland said that they have a plan to install 2000 slot machines on the ground floor to run their casino business on a temporary basis. The projected time for the opening of the temporary casino is late 2011.

Joe Weinberg Nazair Jones Seahawks Jersey , director of development for the Baltimore-based Cordish Cos told the state’s Video Lottery Facility Location Commission, “To expedite the project, we looked at a lot of different options”. “We’ve been using the word temporary Delano Hill Seahawks Jersey , but this is really a phasing in of the permanent project.”

Though the temporary casino would contain only half of the total proposed slot machines, it would still be the largest gambling house of Maryland. The services that will be provided at the garage parlor will be of high standard.

Cordish Cos. has a plan to construct the building in two phases. The first level is the garage which will hold half of the authorized 4750 slot machines and include a bar and a buffet.

But the more anticipating features like Cheesecake Factory, a Rams Head-brand live music venue and a Bobby Flay restaurant will be available in the final building. The garage will be opened for parking vehicles after the second phase of construction is finished. The estimated time for the construction to be finished is one year after the completion of first phase.

Some people wanted Cordish to build a temporary tent-like facility as they did so in the time of constructing Indiana Live! Casino. But the slot commission said that same plan might not be successful here at Maryland. That’s why they wanted to present the customers with a permanent structure rather than a tent-like short term gambling house.

Rick Abbruzzese Frank Clark Seahawks Jersey , a spokesman for Gov. Martin O’Malley, also sounded upbeat about the Cordish proposal.

The application of the Cordish’s permanent casino is under process and expected to be approved by early next year but they have not submitted the application for their short term garage casino.

Some changes might come in the plan of the Maryland Live! Casino. The initial plan was to build a casino of 200000 square feet area consisting of a six-story garage with 4000 parking spaces.

Commissioner Linda Read asked the number of workers needed during the construction process of the first phase.

The country council approved the zone for casino a year ago and fifty six percent country voters approved the referendum on November 02, 2010. But before approval people who were against the casino did a petition.

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