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We have long known that yogurt Derek Wolfe Broncos Jersey , a fermented milk product with live bacteria, is a healthy food with plenty of calcium, protein, and other nutrients like probiotics that we need for health. Now, human clinical studies have confirmed that a new yogurt fights the bacteria that cause gastritis and stomach ulcers, caused by Helicobacter. Pylori. The new yogurt, out of Japan Chris Harris Jr Broncos Jersey , is a unique approach to fighting ulcers, which affect 25 million people in the United States. Already on store shelves in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, it may soon arrive in the U.S. too. So how does it work? Well we know that H. pylori or over-use of aspirin and or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, causes most stomach ulcers, and while the ulcers can be effectively treated and eliminated with antibiotics and acid suppressants Emmanuel Sanders Broncos Jersey , that simple regimen is unavailable to many in developing countries who are infected with H. pylori. In this new study, the researchers found that H. pylori seems to rely on a protein called unease to attach to and infect the stomach lining. So they used vaccine-making technology and injected chickens with unease then allowed the chickens' immune systems to produce the antibody, and harvested it from their eggs. They then tested the theory on 42 people who tested positive for H. pylori, who volunteered to eat two cups daily of either plain yogurt or yogurt containing the antibody for four weeks. The results indicate that the suppression of H. pylori infection in humans could be achieved by drinking yogurt fortified with urease antibody, which was eventually destroyed by stomach acid, but not before its beneficial effect was made. Although the yogurt appears less effective than antibiotics for reducing levels of H. pylori, it is a lot easier to take than medicine and can be eaten daily as part of regular dietary routine. Kevin Cazad Demaryius Thomas Broncos Jersey , photo by Southern Weekly
A man in the U.S. managed to cast off his drug habit after he found something even more alluring: Chinese web novels. The books’ unique content and imaginative plots rejuvenated the troubled man's life, media reported.

Kevin Cazad, a software programmer, resorted to drugs to alleviate his pain after breaking up with his girlfriend. Severe drug addiction caused him physical and mental pain, even threatening his life at times. But things changed in 2014, when Cazad first came across online Chinese literature.

“In the past, whenever I went home Royce Freeman Broncos Jersey , all my attention was on drugs. But when I go home now, the only thing that occupies my mind is Chinese web novels. Like drugs, they can also become an addiction, but the difference is that they can't harm your health,” Cazad told the Southern Weekly during an interview, adding that he used to finish five volumes of a popular Chinese web novel named "Coiling Dragon" in a single day.

Cazad’s story shocked the author of the book, who told the Southern Weekly that he never expected so much enthusiasm from a foreign reader.

“Many readers have written letters to me Bradley Chubb Broncos Jersey , saying that my web novel reshaped their understanding of life. Some even attribute their achievements to inspiration they got from my books. It was like, are you guys kidding me?” laughed the writer, who goes under the alias “I eat tomatoes.”

Cazad is not the only foreigner to become a diehard fan of online Chinese literature. In fact, Chinese web novels have recently been gaining in popularity among foreign readers, who enjoy the cultural elements contained within the unique works.

According to 2016 statistics from Novelupdates, a website that translates popular Asian novels for Western readers, Chinese web novels have created a reading frenzy among foreign consumers. Among the site's 10 most popular web novels Von Miller Broncos Jersey , five were written by Chinese authors.

“As a Westerner, the traditional Chinese elements and strong plots really intrigue me. Outside of the Harry Potter series, I can't think of any other books with so much imagination and innovation,” Fernando Hernandez, a Spanish engineer, told People’s Daily Online.

Foreigners’ enthusiasm for the web novels has not escaped the notice of Chinese writers and entrepreneurs, who believe that the special genre is an emerging industry DaeSean Hamilton Youth Jersey , which can serve as a channel to promote Chinese popular culture.

“In recent years, Marvel’s ideas of superheros and multi-space have prevailed around the world. Nowadays, scientific and imaginative elements better cater to young people’s needs. Chinese web novels not only satisfy readers’ needs in that regard, but also provide them with an Asian version of the Marvel stories,” Wu Wenhui, CEO of China Reading Limited, told the Southern Weekly.


Tender childhood mystery "Wonderstruck" drew tears and sparked Oscar buzz at its Cannes premiere Thursday Josey Jewell Youth Jersey , with Julianne Moore playing both a silent movie siren and a deaf 1970s-era New Yorker.

At an emotional press conference at the world's top film festival, director Todd Haynes, who bewitched Cannes critics with his lesbian love story "Carol" two years ago, shed a few tears of his own talking about working with Moore, Michelle Williams and their child co-stars.

"Wonderstruck" is an adaptation of Brian Selznick's young adult novel about two kids who run away to New York, one in 1927 and the other in 1977.

The title refers to a lushly illustrated book left to a young boy after his mother (Williams) dies.

The volume offers clues to the identity of the child's missing father, leading him to slip away from his home on the Great Plains and hop on a bus to the Big Apple.

But before he leaves he is struck deaf in a freak accident and must make his way through the urban jungle without being able to hear.

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